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Why Titles Are Important To Me In Relationships

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An old age saying goes “if it’s not broken, don’t try to fix it”. I believe this saying until it applies to relationship titles. Before my ex decided to make our relationship official, I spent 5 years trying to get the girlfriend title. His argument was that a title complicates things, and that if we have a mutual understanding than we didn’t need titles. Despite my own personal feelings about wanting the title of being his woman, I thought in the beginning that he may actually have a point because we weren’t having relationship issues at the time, but that took a turn for the worst when he began to take interest in other females. I knew that since we didn’t have a title, technically I couldn’t raise this as an issue because in his defense he could use that we aren’t a couple. Being as naive as I was I let him get away with it for a while until I got fed up; I was tired of the other girls, feeling unappreciated, and unimportant. His mindset of having an understanding is better than a title had seemed like an excuse more and more like an excuse to do whatever he wanted to do without consequences for his inexcusable actions! So they ask why relationships are titles important, for starters, ain’t nobody got time not to have one.

  • Women like to feel wanted, we like for men to stake their claim. A man staking their claim is how we know you are serious about us.
  • Without a title you are opening a door to possible foolishness, and excuses for his bad behavior with other women. When other women begin to come into the picture, you will be in competition with them trying to get him to choose you when YOU are the prize, not him.
  • No woman wants to have to guess everyday where the relationship is going and what you guys are doing. We want no confusion about our boundaries with him .
  • We want to know our role in a man’s life. Playing an important part in our man’s life is important to us. If we are doing wifey duties for a man that isn’t even trying to claim us, this is a waste of time physically, emotionally, and mentally.

If you have to guess what you are then chances are you are NOTHING. Now for those out there who say you don’t need a title, and an understanding is better, more kudos to you. Personally it didn’t work for me, and I will not waste any more time with just having an “understanding”. Men like this can keep the mixed signals, not wanting or ready for commit syndrome to their selves.


Jeanisha, Wifey N Training Staff

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