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April’s Manifest Challenge

Manifest Challenge

Hashtag #wntmanifestchallenge

Day One
Create a list in your Manifest Journal of 5 things you desire to happen and want to speak into existence. Do one thing that will get you closer to one of your desires.

Part Two: Post A selfie and under the picture share one of your desires you want to manifest. Use hashtag #wntmanifestchallenge

Day Two
What are your talents? Are you using your talents? Create a list in your manifesting journal of all your talents and how you can share it to the world. IE: Entrepreneurial ideas

Day Three
What’s blocking you from manifesting your dreams? Today I want you to write down all the negative words you say in your vocabulary.

Negative words… I’m getting to old, all men cheat, you can’t trust anyone, everyone is already doing it, Everyone is dying, I’m broke, this job market sucks

Day Four
Are you appreciative? Do you celebrate everything you receive? Today I want you to write a list in your manifesting journal of all the little things we often take for granted.

For Example:

I AM thankful to wake up.

Day Five
Are you prepared for your blessings? Have you created a detailed plan once you achieve your goals? Write down in your manifest journal detailed plans on how you will handle your blessings.

Day Six
Are you who you want to attract? What’s something you need to change to attract more positivity? Write it in your manifest journal and plans to make the needed changes.

Day Seven
Find three scriptures that will help you change the way you think about yourself and be more….

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