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Love Corner: Jason & Stacy’s Love Story

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Jason and Stacy Hines Love Story

The Beginning : They say you can’t find love, or meet your spouse, in the club, BUT in the case of Jason and me, we did find love in the club, and I couldn’t be more grateful. We met on a beautiful fall night (October 4, 2013) at Stonetrail, the nightclub for the legit grown folks. It was my first time visiting the club, so I went with the mindset of having a fun night full of live music, a good DJ, dancing, and mingling. Jason, however, had been there before. But that night was different; as Jason exited his car, he told himself, “I’m going to meet someone tonight!” Fast forward a couple of hours into the night at Stonetrail. My friends and I were enjoying our night, and all of the sudden, the DJ began playing all my old school 90s jams. That was all she wrote after that. I just knew I needed to find someone to dance with because my songs were playing. Standing in front of me, I noticed this bald man standing with this noticeably taller couple who I came to know as “D&Z,” as Jason calls them. Well, if you let Jason tell it, my purse and I apparently had been bumping into him. I don’t recall that, but I’m sure it’s true. Lol! Anyway, I remember I wanted to dance with someone, and I saw that opportunity in him. Soooo, I walked up to him, and without even asking, I began dancing with him, and he began dancing back. Next thing I know, we literally had danced the night away. At the end of the night, we exchanged phone numbers, and he said the line, I’d heard many times before, but didn’t believe, “I’m going to call you.” I gave him the classic response, “Umm-Hmm…we’ll see.” We proceeded to part ways, and like a true gentleman, he walked me to my car, we hugged, and then he asked me to text him or call him when I got home. Of course, I forgot, but in all honesty, I was on the phone talking to Danielle (one of my Matrons of honor) so shortly after I arrived home, I received a text from him asking if I made it home. I responded that I had, and we conversed via text for the next few minutes before going to bed. The next day, we talked and made plans to go on our first date to the movies that following Wednesday. And from there, our relationship flourished.

How I knew he was the one:I believe the moment I thought that he had “the one” potential was when shortly after we met, he went to Australia for 3 weeks with his job, and although we weren’t officially obligated to one another, we legit kept in contact via Skype and Facebook. Despite the time difference, we maintained daily communication. However, the moment I knew he was “the one” was actually after the summer we “took a break” and I came back to Dallas from my home town (Charlotte). When I got back to Dallas, I prepared to move into another apartment complex the following weekend. Although my parents came down to help, Jason voluntarily and willingly stepped in to assist us the entire weekend! Now mind you, prior to that weekend, I was still in the “break” mind frame, but after seeing him step up and step in, I began to look at him in a different light, and realized that no matter how hard I tried to push him away, he truly loves me, and will always show me he loves me. The light bulb went off as it hit me that he must be the one. After that weekend, we had a long and honest conversation which led to us “getting back together.” And that was all she wrote…

The advice I have for single women is if you have a list of the perfect man that’s a mile long, get rid of it! Be open-minded and willing to date outside of your comfort zone/what you’re used to. Stop telling God what you want in a man because it’ll only make him laugh. Be willing to truly listen to God and see what he has in store for you because in some cases (at least in mine), he will send you want you NEED, and you will come to see that what you need is also what you want and have been wanting, it just might not come in the package you thought you were supposed to have. 

How he proposed: Jason proposed to me on Christmas Eve 2016. His family had a Christmas dinner gathering at his sister’s house and my parents (who were in town), along with my best friend, Nikki (my Maid of Honor) and her mom joined me as we attended the gathering. After eating the delicious food we played the White Elephant Gift Exchange game followed by the last game which was a Word Scramble game. Before the Word Scramble game, Jason’s sister, LaKindria, passed out a paper and pen to everyone who wanted to play, and prefaced it with the statement that the winner would receive a big surprise. Well, what did she say that for?! I thought, “ A big prize?! Heck yeah I wanted to play!” So I received a paper and pen. Once everyone received a pen and paper, LaKindria stated that everyone’s sheet said something different, and then she said, “Go!” So, we all began working on our Word Scramble. Nikki was actually the first one to figure hers out, and so she was like, “Ooh, I got it! Mine says Tis the Season to be Jolly.” LaKindria came over, glanced at it, and was like, “Nooo…Nooo…I don’t think that’s it.” Baffled, Nikki and I both stated, “Yes it is,” but LaKindria kept saying that it wasn’t correct. Meanwhile I took my time trying to figure out what mine was saying, and couldn’t figure it out, so as other people unscrambled their words and blurted them out, I gave up and stopped playing. Well, little did I know that I was the main person who needed to unscramble my words. LaKindria saw that I had given up, and behind my back mouthed the words to Nikki, “Help her please!” It was with a confused look on her face that Nikki was like, “C’mon Stacy. Let’s just figure this thing out.” Reluctantly, I was like, “Okay…I lost but already, but whatever.” So as we worked together to unscramble the words, it quickly became clear what exactly my paper was trying to say. And as I wrote out the final words, my hands began to shake a little, and I asked Nikki, “Does that say what I think it says?!” She excitedly replied, “Oh my God! Yes it does!” And then she proceeded to quiet down the crowd as she let them know I had figured mine out. At that moment, I quickly turned around in my seat looking for Jason while straight cheesing, smiling from ear to ear. As he came around the corner carrying a vase of flowers and a ring box, Nikki read out what my Word Scramble said. “May 2017 be filled with special moments, warmth, peace, and happiness. Will you marry me?” By the time the last word was read, Jason was on his knees in front of me. As a tear rolled down his face, he took my hand, and quietly asked me, “Will you marry me?” Still cheesing, and in shock, I replied, “You know I will,” and we hugged and quickly kissed. And everyone erupted into screams and hollers. The rest of the night was filled with lots of pictures, hugs, and excitement as everyone relished in the joy of the proposal and our engagement! 

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