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Love Corner: “Chemistry, Companionship and Compatibility Are Important.”

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My happily ever after began with the realization that it was time to exit my marriage of 17 years  with 2 beautiful children. Although this was devastating, my pursuit of happiness began. The idea that I was now available to find true love again kept me motivated during the lonely times. I decided to give online dating a try. My Mr. Right pursued me a year before I would talk to him.  On July 3rd, I decided “ok, let’s hear his story” and we talked for awhile. The conversation was intriguing. We decided to meet that night for dinner. The  conversation just flowed effortlessly, we laughed, and the chemistry was there. We didn’t want to end the date, so we went to a lounge spot across the street. He asked me out again  …for the next night. And from that day to this one – 2.5 years later, we are an item.
I knew he was the one as I had asked God for specific qualities in my next mate and to make it obvious (as I didn’t want to miss him).  He has all of them.  I was initially spooked by this, but then I realized, “Wow, he gave me the one I prayed for”.  Chemistry,  Companionship and Compatibility are important.
We vacation often, and in September we took a cruise.  While at an all white party, the DJ called him to the dance floor to line dance. I thought “how odd” as he doesn’t line dance, but just roll with it.  Then the DJ asked me to “help him “ with the line dance and for everyone else to clear the dance floor. Still not really thinking much about this, I just wanted to dance.   The 1st song played, he said “No, that’s the wrong song”.  Second song, he said again “Ummm, Not that one”. Then the DJ said “Oh, I know what song you want to hear … the 3rd song played “Wifey by Next” and I froze. He got down on one knee and ask me to spend the rest of my life with him.

My advice for single ladies is simple “ A man that’s into you, you will not have to guess about it”.  A man will pursue the woman he desires.  Also, you can do bad all by yourself.  Meaning, don’t hold on to relationships that are not fulfilling and/or toxic.  “Let go or be dragged”.

Our love story began on July 3rd and we’re getting married on July 3, 2018.   Pray about your future mate.  I’m  Jennifer from Houston, and I approve this message.

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