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Fb. In. Tw. Be.

What happens when what you have been doing, hasn’t been working? Love and logic is one of the hardest things to have at the same time. We desire to see the good in even unprepared people. What we don’t see is that they are unprepared. We don’t see and take the timing into consideration, and that is where we mess up! You may ask me why is it so hard to do what is logical at life most emotional times. It is the desire to be off the market or if you are in a relationship, its the desire to not look like a failure.

Singles: Before you get into something you will later have to ask me help you get out of. I want to take a second and inhale and exhale because you need to! With all that has happened this year and the goals you haven’t yet accomplished, you need a moment. This time last year I was single and my phone was dryer than dry. I had to take a moment and breathe because I knew a relationship was in my near future. I just knew that I had to not hinder the timing. First things first check the situation ships that you are entertaining. Ask yourself ” How can God bless me with the spouse he has for me if I am entertaining people that is not a part of my purpose. It is okay to be alone and work on you! Ask God to show you the you the you can not see. We know our faults but who we are, we are okay with that because we can’t see our wrong.

Dating is fun and should be lucrative for your love life. So cut to the chase and be brave while you get to know someone.. First of all stop texting and have a conversation with who you are getting to know! The key word that is most important is “VISION” what is their vision? Where are they in their adulthood and where are they going? The question about vision and or goals will let you know where they are headed and if a relationship is even in their mind.

What ever you do do not get upset and frustrated right now. Don’t look at today’s date and stop counting how many days are left in 2020. Trust me when I say…..TRUST GOD!

Written by Coach Rachel

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