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How To Know You’re In A Narcissism Relationship.

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After a long off and on again seven year long overdue breakup, I began to try to understand why I stayed so long. I wondered was it me, maybe? Was it him, maybe more than me? After discussing him with a close friend, she told me that he’s a narcissist. She sent me information from her therapist all about narcissist and narcissism relationships. When I read the few articles she emailed me, it blew my mind. It described his personality to a T. It also gave me insight to why I stayed so long. Narcissists are charming and have the ability to make you feel co-dependent of them. Here are some ways to know you’re in a narcissism relationship and are dealing with a narcissist.

  • First things first, they are charmers. They can make you feel special, but once they become bored or have gotten what they want ….it’s on to the next one!
  • They are the ultimate actors.
  • They only give you attention when it suits their needs.
  • He feels he is ALWAYS right; it’s never them and ALL YOU.
  • He makes you feel like you’re an accessory in the relationship.
  • He spends most of his time on entertainment, He seeks attention (including on Social media)
  • Manipulation (mind game player, they like to toy around with your mind)
  • Heroine Personality (as if you can’t survive without him, takes credit for everything.)

Ladies this type of relationship can be really hard to end, and even when it’s over the aftermath can be brutal. They make you feel depleted, but at the same time have you in a codependency trap. This isn’t a healthy relationship. It leaves you bitter and there’s nothing like a woman scorned …so girl RUN FOR THE HILLS.

Jeanisha, Wifey N Training Staff


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