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Has God Ever Blocked You From Sleeping?

Sunday our Pastor continued his series of “Behind Closed Doors” he spoke from 2 Kings 4. In the beginning of chapter 4 he tapped on the woman who lost her husband, and he left a debt. She didn’t have the money to pay his debt, so they wanted to take her sons and make them slaves.

Prophet Elisha instructed her to do somethings, now she did mention her husband’s strong faith in God. She did as Elisha had instructed and kept them between her boys, and God. In return, they paid off her late husband’s debt and had enough money to live off of forever. Sidebar: it is so important that you make sure who is leading you has faith in God. Also, when i followed God’s instruction I told no one about what i was doing. Now, that is not why God woke me up and made me take notes from what I read.

Two other stories in the chapter intrigued me. (go read it and see for yourself today) So it was lessons on faith, trusting God, and how following his instructions pay off. The second example was a woman who wanted a child but she lost the faith. Elisha told her she would have a son and she was disbelief. However, she had a son and he later died. The woman found Elisha and went off on him, but he gave her instructions on what to do, to bring him back to life.

Do you know she refused and told him he had to come heal him. So Elisha did and that bothered me for a minute. It also made me think of some of you guys. I pray and ask God to lead me as I help my clients. What I found is some of you have faith, while other of you depend on my faith. Yes, you do the exercises but do you have the faith in them? Do you people have gotten mad at me because they did my program and were not found. It left me to ask them how was their faith during our process? 

People that have been found have had the faith without worrying, It made me think of where I was November 2017 when God told me to fast in December. I had to conquer the first half of my battle, which was my mind. So I said affirmations to help me, because I didn’t want to follow instructions without faith. Do you have the faith or have you lost the faith? 

Maybe you need to try it again but this time really trust God. Your battle is your past relationship failure is distracting you from having future faith. The gag is you just have to mentally block out your present situation and trust God. It is okay to prepare yourself again, but this time with real faith. 

Written by Coach Rachel

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