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DIY Facial mask!

“It’s always good to have a stash of ideas tucked away because you’re bound to run into the blank screen of boredom sooner or later.” - One of our designers said

We are still on lockdown until further notice but it’s the perfect time to get our skin prepped and ready for all the brunching + other outings we are already planning in our heads sis! DIY facial mask/scrubs can be very beneficial and effective depending on your skin type and ingredients used! Olive oil, egg yolks, oats, honey, avocado and spices such as turmeric can all play a beneficial role in DIY beauty treatments.

Meghan Markle’s facialist revealed in a interview that she fully endorses at-home face masks! Markle’s DIY face mask is a combination of coconut oil and turmeric mixed together creating a soothing paste like consistency or rolled oats and honey for an an exfoliating treatment!

We also found a DIY face mask that uses avocado! Sounds yummy right?– for your face of course!

Here’s the recipe:

Mix together and Viola!

We recommend researching ingredients and tailoring DIY recipes to suit you.

Written By: Jeanisha

Source: BYRDIE

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