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Meet newlyweds LaKizzie Hunter Campbell and her husband Eric Campbell . LaKizzie shares with us their Black Love Story for our April Marriage Spot Light.

My name is Lakizzie Hunter-Campbell and my husband name is Eric Campbell. We are newlyweds that recently got married on February 28, 2020. (which is my birthday). We’ve known each other for over 5 years. He is 41 and I just turned 43.

How did you meet?

So I was actually friends with his sister before meeting him. I had put him off for over 4 years because I was bitter and didn’t want to be in another relationship. After 4 years, Eric came at me again at a blues show I attended with his sister. It was something about that day, it was beautiful outside, the sun was shining extra bright. Eric was extremely nice and very patient. The atmosphere was so beautiful that day. I looked at him and gave him a smile that I had never given him before. God showed me something different about him that day and told me that he was the one.

Eric and I had dated for two years and now we’ve been married two weeks now. Within the two years of dating he and I started living together– he didn’t feel like a stranger at all. Eric is the youngest man I’ve ever been with but he is the most mature man I’ve ever met. I’ve learned that age is just a number. Older doesn’t mean better!

Any advice for our single sistas and new brides?

Yes! There is hope. The one you put off, may just be the one. I believe the key to staying together is understanding, communication, and keeping family members/friends out of your business. But the main thing is to always keep God ahead and go to church together. It helps strengthen your relationship. If you have a pastor, go talk to him about any issues you can’t control! Not family! That’s a big no!

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